20th Annual National Tribal Transportation Conference

    The 20th Annual National Tribal Transportation Conference will be attended by more than 500 tribal, federal, state, and private transportation professionals and more than 50 vendors from across the USA. Desert Mountain Corporation is a proud sponsor of this event again this year. Stop by and see Klif Rader in Booth #28! Learn more … Read more

Don’t Hold Back Your Water Conservation Program

Water Conservation Program – Ensure More Than Savings Does your company have a Water Conservation Program in place? Government entities like state, tribal, city, and county public works, forestry departments, roads, and transportation departments all have programs in place to monitor water usage and prevent waste. As do many in the mining industry, construction companies, aggregate facilities, public and private … Read more

Emergency Deicing and Anti Icing – We’re Here for You!

Emergency deicing and anti-icing saves lives. Blizzards can cause severe damage to roads, land, fencing, livestock, buildings, equipment and other property. But the biggest hazard of Mother Nature’s winter storms are when public safety is at risk. That’s when you will need emergency deicing and anti-icing. Desert Mountain ensures the safety of residents and travelers … Read more

5 Benefits of A Mine Tailings Dust Control Program

Mine Tailings Dust Control Expertise   Active and inactive mines are required to have a mine tailings dust control program for the well being of their employees and the surrounding communities and environment. Keeping mine tailings storage areas secure and dust free is one of the services provided by Desert Mountain Corporation. Even though the tailings … Read more