Emergency Dust Control – Who Do You Call?

Emergency Dust Control

QuestionsEmergency dust control solutions are utilized in many rural areas, where fragile environmental conditions exist. If left in its natural state, rains and dry spells will form a crust on the top layer of soil and vegetation will grow to help hold it in place. But when agriculture, livestock grazing, off road vehicles or other events disturb the natural state, high winds will cause a dust control problem. When fields or shoulders along busy roads or highways are disturbed, blowing dust becomes an emergency dust control hazard – especially during monsoons, haboobs or microbursts. Call Desert Mountain Corporation – we will address dangerous fugitive dust concerns with a variety of proven solutions – organic, inorganic, polymer, co-polymer and custom blends.

Response time is critical in weather related emergency dust control situations. 
Desert Mountain is prepared to act swiftly and efficiently.  

Emergency Warehouse & Stockpile Locations
We’re prepared for all the emergencies that the weather can bring to road safety. Desert Mountain Corporation has offices and storage facilities located in eight cities across the Western United States for efficient routing of dust control products like RoadSaver, durablend, RoadLoc, BaseBind, X-hesion, Surface Loc and Coherex.

Have an emergency snowfall or dust hazard situation? Call us at 877-718-3878 and we will get an emergency deicing or emergency dust control solution to you – FAST. Or reach out to the Sales Representative in your area:

Emergency Dust ControlWyoming, Montana and Idaho
Lynn James
Phone: 307-856-9730

Arizona and Southern California
Klif Rader
Phone: 480-588-6327

New Mexico 
Pamela Tuttle
Phone: 505-860-9948

Four Corners Area and Southern Colorado
Dalton Alton
Phone: 505-486-0844

Rayny Hagen
Phone: 432-385-6241

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