Pothole Patch Pavement Repair

Pothole Patch for All Climates

pothole patch pavement repair

QuestionsIf you’re looking for top quality, high performance permanent pothole patch pavement repair, Desert Mountain Corporation offers it. We have the top performing cold mix asphalt repair products from several different manufacturers. Our goal is to provide the best product for your application needs. Available in region specific mixes for better performance it can be delivered in bagged or bulk form.

What makes our products the best?

Our products start with quality ingredients that will ensure that you will not have to make more repairs in the same area. Aggregate characteristics are essential when creating a product that is going to last. Utilizing only raw materials that meet our lab’s rigorous specifications ensure superior performance for long term results.

Researchpothole patch
Our R & D labs are continually testing and improving the products we offer to our customers. They have created regionally specific versions of their products to better perform in different climates. If there is a specific situation requiring a specialized product, we will work in conjunction with our customer and the lab to create the mix that will be successful.

Desert Mountain Corporation offers product training classes to ensure that your staff is correctly utilizing the product for the maximum results. When used properly, our high-quality cold mix products will provide a permanent repair to potholes and cracks in paved areas.

Our pothole patch pavement repair products are specifically designed for the regions they are sold into. They each contain elements that address altitude, weather, soil and other region specific issues that affect the long-term stability of the repairs. The region-specific mixes will consider annual precipitation, temperature fluctuations and existing materials used in the area.

Pothole patch permanent pavement repair can be used on: Pothole patch pile

  • Roads
  • Bridges
  • Highways
  • Railroad crossings
  • Driveways
  • Parking lots
  • Utility cuts
  • Cart paths

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