The ABC’s of Potholes

Potholes are a problem for drivers everywhere. Whether driving a short commute to work or school or logging thousands of miles over the open road, potholes cause big problems for vehicles of all sizes and types. Let’s take a moment to learn more about how potholes are formed, the real damage they can do, and how to best repair them.

A. How Potholes Are Formed
Melting snow and ice will cause water to run into the cracks on streets and highways. If that water freezes, it takes up more space under asphalt roads, and the roads will expand, bend, and crack, which weakens the asphalt. When the ice eventually melts, the pavement contracts, and that process will leave gaps or voids underneath, where more water can get in and be trapped. If the water freezes and thaws over and over, the pavement will weaken and continue to expand and contract, which will lead to more cracking. Enough traffic over that cracked, weakened asphalt, and potholes will start forming.

B. Damage Caused by Potholes
According to a study by AAA, potholes have cost U.S. drivers on average $3 billion a year. Those repairs can average around $300. Anything from a damaged or flat tire, to bent or ruined rims, can happen. You can suffer suspension and steering issues, or even damage to the body of the car. Repeated driving on a road with lots of potholes can even cause your car to go out of alignment. That will affect the way the tires wear and it can lead to having to replace tires earlier than expected.

C. Repairing Potholes – Quickly and Efficiently
Repairing potholes quickly and efficiently is key to keeping busy roads and streets open and traffic flowing at posted speed limits. When there is a break in the weather or when the snow is finally done for the season, road crews make the switch from running snowplows to filling potholes and repairing roads. Utilizing a high-performance pothole patch like QPR makes the job easy and long-lasting. QPR High-Performance Pothole Patch is guaranteed to outlast the road surrounding the pothole.

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