With our fleet of trucks and trailers, backhauling is something we do every day. Corn, wheat, barley, and other grains, fertilizer, and sodium bicarb are just a few things Desert Mountain drivers are transporting. This helps us keep our ice melting, dust control, road stabilization, and soil stabilization products competitively priced. And it helps our backhaul customers keep their transportation costs down.

Backhauling Planning
Our dispatch department works hard to ensure that we are planning for roundtrip hauls – internal or external. Desert Mountain Dispatch is focused on planning driver routes to make sure we are always running with a full load. An empty trailer is not making money. Backhauling makes sure that we are keeping our drivers on the road – where they make their money. They improve our operations team’s productivity and help eliminate additional trips. And backhauls also reduce unnecessary fuel use.

Backhauls Bring Consistency
We want to partner with backhaul customers that need our service – consistently. Steady volumes of cargo sent to the same destination at the same time every week make it smoother for us to move our products across our territory in the Western United States. Consistent runs equal more consistent pricing for us and our customers.

The Benefits of Backhauling
Although backhauling takes more time and more planning than just sending our trucks to pick up dry and liquid products from our manufacturers to deliver to our storage yards and customers, the benefits measure up – for Desert Mountain and our customers. Those benefits include:

• Preventing wasted fuel
• Cost savings
• Minimizing environmental damage
• Improving operational efficiency
• Maximizing equipment and labor utilization
• Improving productivity
• Boosting revenue

Carrier Lanes, Freight Lanes, Trucking Lanes, and Shipping Lanes
No matter what your company calls them, working with a company that is looking for backhauls in your preferred lanes will help reduce the cost of moving your products. Our territory covers Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Southern California, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming. We have over 40 trucks on the road – every day.

Desert Mountain will help you get your liquid or dry products where they need to go. Give us a call at 877-718-3878 to see if we’re operating in the lanes that you need help with.

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