Dirt Lot Dust Control for Spring Training

Dirt lot dust control for Spring Training ensures a pleasant time for attendees, players, and staff at Cactus League parks. Arizona had nearly 8,000 attendees at the 2018 games. That’s a lot of folks to move in and out on roads, in parking lots, and walkways in a short amount of time. Dirt areas that can cause problems during the busy Spring Training schedule include:

dirt lot dust control
  • Roads
  • Parking Lots
  • Nearby Empty Lots

When not treated, these can cause visibility issues, extra clean-up costs, and health concerns for fans, players, and staff. We offer more than 15 different eco-friendly dirt lot dust control options to effectively prevent blowing dust. You can trust Desert Mountain Corporation to help ensure the best possible Spring Training experience.

Be sure to check out the current Cactus League schedule so you don’t miss a game!


“I love playing this game
and every spring training feels like the first.”
— Rickey Henderson

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