Government Road Services and Products for Federal, State, County, Tribal, and City Entities

Desert Mountain Corporation is proud to have assisted Federal, State, County, Tribal, and City government branches with dust control, ice melting, road stabilization and soil stabilization in New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Texas, and Utah since 1990.


Public Safety

Safety is the first priority for Desert Mountain – for our customers and their communities. Our goal is to assist government public works and roads and streets departments in creating and maintaining safer:


Safer Roads Save Lives

The health of our communities depends on it. Desert Mountain Corporation believes that safer roads save lives. We utilize the best performing and most environmentally friendly ingredients available for our dust control, soil stabilization, and ice melting products.

Our drivers are experienced in applying the granular and liquid solutions in the precise amounts to the targeted areas to maximize your investment and minimize product waste and runoff.

A strong road is a safe road – minor washout damage from heavy rains or melt off can be diminished or even prevented with the solutions we offer.

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Reduced Road Maintenance Equipment Use

With budgets tight, public works and roads departments cannot afford major repairs, to upgrade or replace road maintenance equipment like graders, water trucks, rollers, and compactors on a frequent basis.

By utilizing a soil stabilization product on frequently traveled community roads and bus routes, it reduces the need for watering and grading of those roads. It also frees up the equipment and trained personnel to address other concerns.


Reduced Snow Plow Usage

Snowplowing equipment that doesn’t have to work as hard to move the snow off of the major thoroughfares will hold up longer. The long life of Ice Slicer, our granular solution, may reduce the snowplow hours for your team.

Utilize a de-icing granular product that is designed to perform better (down to 0*) and gradually melt away without the mess of sanding. Learn more about Ice Slicer vs. Sand & Salt.

Forest Service Road Treated with DMC Custom Blend

For over 15 years, Desert Mountain Corporation has been helping ensure that visitors to our beautiful National Forests are safer. By applying our DMC Custom Blend as a topical solution it helps bind the fine dust particles to the larger aggregate. This process leads to less fugitive dust and a more stable road.



Public Works budgets continue to shrink. The fine balancing act between public need and fiduciary constraints weighs heavily on the shoulders of Public Works Departments.

When you can spend a little more upfront and ensure the safety and longevity of a road, parking lot, or special event area while conserving water and man-hours, everyone wins.


Water Conservation

One of our most valuable natural resources, water, is often overused in dirt road maintenance when dust control palliatives are not utilized. A properly treated dirt road or parking lot will use 50% less water than one that is not treated.

In areas where water rationing is taking place (or may soon), that can mean the difference between having enough water for other projects or community needs. The man-hours, use of water trucks, and blading are all reduced when high traffic areas are well preserved.

Government Entities Trust Desert Mountain

Government entities have trusted Desert Mountain Corporation to take care of icy and dirt roads since 1990.

We have the knowledge, a variety of solutions, and the experience you can trust. 

If we can be of assistance or answer any questions, please contact us or call (877) 718-3878.

Desert Mountain Corporation – Keeping Roads Safe Since 1990!