All About Ice Slicer – Video

Ice Slicer – The Right Choice for Safe Winter Roads

Ice Slicer Video – learn more about how Ice Slicer is a better choice than white salt for icy, winter roads:

  • Use less product
    40 to 100% more lane miles/truckload than white salt
  • Fewer treatment cycles
    Clear roads faster with fewer return trips due to the unique gradation of Ice Slicer
  • Save on fuel
    Less trips = less money spent on fuel
  • Less wear and tear on snow removal equipment
    When you significantly reduce the return trips, equipment will last longer
  • Less corrosive on equipment, bridges, rails, and resident vehicles
    Ice Slicer’s all-natural mineral formulation is at least 20% less corrosive than white salt
  • Eliminate excess aggregates
    When you use Ice Slicer alone, there’s no need for after storm clean up of sand and gravel, it melts away.

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Ice Slicer Video     Ice Slicer Video     Ice Slicer Video

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