5 Benefits of A Mine Tailings Dust Control Program

Mine Tailings Dust Control Expertise

mine tailings dust control


Active and inactive mines are required to have a mine tailings dust control program for the well being of their employees and the surrounding communities and environment. Keeping mine tailings storage areas secure and dust free is one of the services provided by Desert Mountain Corporation. Even though the tailings materials go in the retaining area anywhere from damp to fully liquid, they will dry out. And when they dry out they will start to blow, causing health and environmental concerns – unless they are secured. A successful mine tailings dust control program will provide the following benefits:

  1. Maintain a healthier working environment
  2. Retain materials to be utilized later
  3. Ensure a safer working environment
  4. Positive public relations with surrounding communities
  5. Meet Government regulations

But not every tailings area is the same. Each may require different products to secure the fugitive dust – on the tailings themselves and on the surrounding embankment. Products we have used as dust suppressants in active and inactive mines include Surface-LocRoadSaver, durablend and our Custom Blends. We have worked with mine officials in several states and our R&D lab to create specialized, proprietary formulas for tough to treat areas.

You can rely on Desert Mountain Corporation to provide the products, equipment, knowledge and expertise to address mine tailings dust control issues and provide solid results. We have successfully treated haul roads, vendor routes, parking lots, tailings and overburden areas at mines in Arizona, Wyoming and New Mexico with our environmentally friendly dust control products. Different mine operations, climates, soil types and accessibility requirements require different solutions – and Desert Mountain has the products and expertise to provide them.

Want to learn more about our mine tailings dust control options? Contact your area sales representative, email us or call us at 877-718-3878.

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