Mine Tunnel Dust Control Issues Resolved

Mine Tunnel dust control is easier with Desert Mountain Corporation. An Arizona mine was experiencing blowing dust and road de-stabilization as the traffic was moving through this busy tunnel. We applied our popular dust control product, Road Loc, to this tunnel and several miles of their haul roads. It has made a big difference in the dust created and the strength of the road.

Road Loc is made from lignin sulfonate – a naturally occurring organic polymer. It binds the fine particles found in aggregate and natural soils preventing them from breaking out and creating fugitive dust. Road Loc fuses these particles to larger aggregate and natural soils preventing movement which aids in road stabilization and soil stabilization. It helps prevent the formation of washboards and potholes. Over time, solar reactivity will harden Road Loc which greatly reduces solubility and product migration.

Mine Tailings Dust Control

While we were treating the haul roads and mine tunnels we were also re-applying Surface-Loc to the tailings pond. This treatment has a green dye added so that we can see where we’ve applied the product, and our customer can monitor how it is holding up. Highly effective for non-traffic areas, Surface-Loc provides soil stabilization, erosion control, and dust control.

Mine Tailings Dust Control
DMC Mine Tailings Crawler
Mine Tailing Dust Control

If you have any questions about mine tunnel dust control or mine tailings stabilization, give us a call at 877-718-3878.

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