NEWS RELEASE: Apache County District 2 Continues Soil Stabilization and Road Improvements

road improvements
Eco-Friendly Soil Stabilization Solution DuraBlend® Applied by Desert Mountain Corporation

Mesa, AZ, May 31, 2016– As a part of their ongoing road improvements project, Apache County District 2 continues to grade to remove potholes and wash boarding and apply an environmentally friendly soil stabilization product on the school bus routes and high traffic areas outside of Ganado, Arizona.  Residents will notice a long term difference between the roads that are treated with Desert Mountain’s environmentally friendly soil stabilization solution, durablend® and those that are just watered. The durablend® solution uses a proven combination of natural polymers that are specifically designed to secure the material on the road and prevent blowing dust in Apache County.

“We’ve been pleased to partner with Desert Mountain Corporation for the last 14 years,” said Tom M. White, Jr., District 2 Supervisor. “They work with us to improve the road and air quality for our residents while ensuring that the products used are the latest innovations and non-toxic.” White notes that in the areas that the soil stabilization products are applied to the roads, resident complaints have dropped. “We are now on a regular schedule with Desert Mountain to complete a portion of our roads every month in order to improve bus routes, air conditions and travel safety in Apache County. We are pleased to have over 200 miles of roads treated,” said White.

Ensuring that the roads in Apache County District 2 are safe, well preserved and dust free is the focus of Desert Mountain Corporation Arizona Sales Representative, Klif Rader. “Apache County has been a great customer,” said Rader. “We are honored by their dedication to making the roads safer for the public. We’ve worked with them to provide the best solution for their soil stabilization projects. They are currently using durablend®, the perfect product for road improvements for their specific soil types. And it’s getting the best results for Apache County.” Desert Mountain conducts site visits before each application of their dust control and soil stabilization products – evaluating the soil, and testing products to determine the right mix of natural ingredients for each application.

Desert Mountain Corporation provides road improvements, dust control, soil stabilization and ice melting solutions for city and county public works, forestry departments, mining industry, roads and transportation departments, construction companies, aggregate facilities, and landfills throughout the Western United States and in South America. Desert Mountain has offices located in Mesa, Arizona, Farmington, New Mexico and Riverton, Wyoming.

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If you would like more information about soil stabilization or durablend®, please contact Klif Rader via email or at 480-588-6327.

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