Six Benefits of Ice Slicer Ice Melt vs White Salt & Sand

Ice Slicer Ice Melt

Selecting the best deicing/anti-icing agent to be used on icy streets and roads is a matter of budget and performance. If you’re evaluating deicing products strictly on the price, you may be losing money in the long run. The right ice melt will provide the best performance with the least product for the longest time. Ice Slicer ice melt performs longer at lower temperatures.

Here are Six Benefits of Ice Slicer vs White Salt & Sand for icy streets and highways from Desert Mountain Corporation.

  1. Use Less Productice slicer ice melt benefits
    When applied properly, Ice Slicer ice melt allows snow plow drivers to cover 40-100% more lane miles per truckload than with white salt. It takes less Ice Slicer to work more effectively – melting icy roads and preventing build-up – for a longer time span.
  2. Fewer Treatment Cycles
    Due to the unique gradation of Ice Slicer, fewer treatment cycles are required. It works significantly longer than white salt at all temperatures and reduces the number of trips out needed per storm.
  3. Save on Fuel
    Road departments save when snowplows are running less and using less fuel. With Ice Slicer’s longer-lasting brining capabilities, fewer treatment cycles are needed.
  4. Less Wear and Tear
    Reduced time on the road equals less wear and tear on snowplows and other equipment. The repairs are fewer and the life cycles are longer.
  5. Less Corrosive
    Fewer equipment issues arise due to using Ice Slicer ice melt and avoiding the corrosion from excessive exposure to white salt. The cost of white salt is not just in the product, but the damage that it does to equipment and guard rails.
  6. Eliminate Aggregates
    With the naturally occurring small, medium, and large-sized granules, there are immediate savings by some of our customers, eliminating the need to purchase sand. It acts as a traction agent and a brining deicer. Post winter cleanup is often reduced or eliminated since Ice Slicer often dissolves completely into a brine.

ice slicer ice melt

If you’d like to learn more about Ice Slicer ice melt and how you can save over white salt and sand, contact your Desert Mountain Corporation sales representative.

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