Liquid, Granular, Aggregate: Snowfighting Tools

Liquids Granulars and Aggregates-06

In the world of deicing and anti-icing, roads departments will use a variety of products and methods to ensure safe travel. Liquid, granular, aggregate – snowfighting tools are the choices for busy roads and public works departments. What they use will depend on road conditions, temperature and weather forecasts, and department budgets.

Emergency Deicing and Anti Icing – We’re Here for You!

Emergency deicing and anti-icing saves lives. Blizzards can cause severe damage to roads, land, fencing, livestock, buildings, equipment and other property. But the biggest hazard of Mother Nature’s winter storms are when public safety is at risk. That’s when you will need emergency deicing and anti-icing. Desert Mountain ensures the safety of residents and travelers … Read more

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