Don’t Hold Back Your Water Conservation Program

Water Conservation Program – Ensure More Than Savings

Does your company have a Water Conservation Program in place? Government entities like state, tribal, city, and county public works, forestry departments, roads, and transportation departments all have programs in place to monitor water usage and prevent waste. As do many in the mining industryconstruction companies, aggregate facilities, public and private landfills. But is your company doing everything it can to ensure the responsible management of its water usage? Don’t be the one holding your company back from responsible water management.

Click here to visit Water-Use it Wisely: wateruseitwisely.comHere are a few of the great suggestions from 100+ Ways to Conserve Water:

  • Create a suggestion and incentives system at your organization to recognize water-saving ideas.
  • Implement a water management plan for your facility, then educate employees on good water habits through newsletters and posters.
  • Publish your organization’s monthly water use to show progress toward water-saving goals.
  • Determine how your on-site water is being used by installing sub-meters where feasible, then monitoring for savings.
  • Don’t forget hidden water use costs, like energy for pumping, heating and cooling, chemical treatment, and damage and sewer expenses.
  • Ask employees for suggestions on saving water and give prizes for the best ideas. Incentivize it!

Not sure how to write up your new water conservation program? Here are some great examples:

Click here to learn more about how you can implement a water conservation program and all the resources to help you be successful – don’t be the one holding your company back! Contact one of our Sales Representatives or call us at 877-718-3878 for more information on how a Water Conservation Program with a dust control and soil stabilization plan can benefit your company’s image and bottom line.

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