BaseBind Road Stabilization and Dust Control

BaseBind Road Stabilization

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  • Do you have a road that is difficult to maintain?
  • Gravel surfaces that are experiencing blowouts, potholes, or wash boarding?
  • A road base needing to be stabilized?

Introducing BaseBind, Desert Mountain’s newest soil stabilization and dust control product. BaseBind can be mixed into a variety of road bases, including recycled asphalt (RAP), or applied topically depending on the goals of the application.

First Rate Stabilizer
BaseBind excels in road stabilization and is manufactured to a consistent quality. It is an ultra-low chloride and is more weather resistant than common dust control and soil stabilizers.

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Reduce Maintenance and Increase Quality
BaseBind is ideal for those who need superior base stabilization and increased aggregate life or who have limited ability to maintain roads or surfaces. It is excellent for environmentally sensitive areas, as well.

Environmentally Friendly
An ultra-low chloride formulation,  BaseBind is a prime option for use in sensitive areas or areas where chloride build up is a concern.

Field Tested, Proven and Engineered
BaseBind has been extensively field tested for a variety of environments and soil types, and is proven to work with heavy traffic loads. It has been engineered to give you longevity and decreased total cost of ownership.

Humid  (60% or higher average humidity)

  • BaseBind will perform comparable to chloride and lignosulfonate for road stabilization and dust control.
  • For optimal dust control and stabilization, BaseBind is an excellent base application option for a Compact & Cap program.
  • It can be utilized without pre-wetting if soil moisture is adequate.

SemiArid  (40%  to 60% average humidity)

  • Highly effective road stabilizer.
  • In topical application, a single pass of BaseBind is recommended over a well compacted road.
  • Product works well with both blade and reclaimer mix-in applications.
  • Application can be customized as either a topical or mix-in depending on customer goals.

Arid  (40% or less average humidity)

  • BaseBind is an excellent surface stabilizer and can be rejuvenated with water.
  • For optimal dust control and stabilization, it is an excellent base application option for Compact and Cap programs.
  • Compaction and water recommended for topical applications.

*Contact your DMC representative for specific application details based on your goals.

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