Ice Melt Service Areas

Desert Mountain Corporation
Ice Melt Service Areas

Desert Mountain Corporation's ice melt service areas provide liquid and granular ice melt / road salt, anti-icing, and deicing products and services in Arizona, Southern California, Southern Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Texas, and Wyoming.


Icy roads, freezing temperatures, and big snowfalls happen in the high country of Northern Arizona and in the higher elevations like Mount Lemmon in Southeastern Arizona. Desert Mountain helps our customers to minimize the buildup of snow and ice BEFORE it happens and keep the roads clear during snow storms.

We help our customers in Southern California keep the roads clear and safe during the cold winter months. The high country in San Bernardino County, Ventura County, and Los Angeles County can be impacted by freezing temperatures and snowfall. We provide Ice Slicer to areas where winter travel is a must. 

The mountains and high country in Southern Colorado can become dangerous very quickly. Wolf Creek Pass, Monarch Pass, Cottonwood Pass and many more would be impassable without the hard work of snowfighters and Ice Slicer. Many Southern Colorado counties, cities, and towns count on Desert Mountain Corporation to get them the ice melt that they need.

Desert Mountain Corporation is proud to supply Ice Slicer to counties, cities, and towns in Idaho. Keeping icy roads clear and open for travelers, residents, school buses, and other normal traffic is a must during Idaho's often severe winter storms. 

Lolo Pass, Glacier National Park, Beartooth Highway and Marias Pass are just a few of the roads that can become dangerous when the rain and snow fall and the temperatures drop in Montana. And US Highway 191 is well known as one of the most dangerous roads in the winter.

US 550, I-25, I-10 and I-40 are all dangerous roads when you're traveling through New Mexico in the winter. New Mexico deicing, ice melting, and anti-icing procedures impact both local commuters and travelers. 

Utah winter storms can range from light to fierce, from Salt Lake City to Provo, Ogden to St. George – but the roads get slick and slippery either way. Every area and snowfall amount requires a road department plan to minimize the buildup of snow and ice BEFORE it happens.

Keeping icy winter roads in Wyoming safe for travelers is a top priority for city, county, tribal, and state Departments of Transportation. From US-287 to I-90, I-80 to I-90 – the interstate freeways, state highways, county roads, and city streets become treacherous every winter.

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