Ice Slicer

Ice Slicer – All Natural Ice Melt for Deicing and Anti-Icing

Ice Slicer

Desert Mountain Corporation is proud to offer Ice Slicer, a fast-acting ice melt and de-icing compound. Winter roads can become dangerous very quickly when the snow falls and temperatures drop. How quickly a road department responds – and with what method – will impact the traffic flow, the number of accidents, and even fatalities. When selecting a deicing and anti-icing product, road and streets departments consider safety, economy, effectiveness, and environmental impact.

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Ice Slicer is the ice melt, deicing, and anti-icing product of choice for over 30 states and hundreds of county and city governments.

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Safety First
Ice Slicer Deicing Anti IcingIn the winter, ice and heavy snow events can come on quickly and create havoc. The safety of travelers is the first concern when addressing heavy snowfall or freezing ice on roadways. Utilizing Ice Slicer, a granular ice melt for deicing and anti-icing can significantly increase the speed at which the roads become clearer and safer. Due to the gradations of Ice Slicer – from superfine to coarse – it provides fast and long ice melting, easier snow removal, and safer roads. When it comes to saving lives in a storm, every minute of melting ice and snow matters. Independent lab testing shows Ice Slicer melts up to 3.5 times more ice in the first 10 minutes than road salt or white salt and it creates significantly more brine over time.

Ice Slicer Brine Time

Use Less – Save More
Ice Slicer’s performance rate allows for less material that is needed to be spread on the roads. It is easier on equipment and infrastructure — at least 20% less corrosive than white salt. That equals fewer replacements and repairs on roads, bridges, and equipment directly related to white salt corrosion.  Given its performance capabilities, roads departments can use less product with better results – 40 to 100% more lane miles/truckload than white salt. Road departments are also saving on fuel consumption and equipment wear and tear due to using the more effective Ice Slicer. There is no after storm clean up with Ice Slicer.  No dust is created like when sand or salt is used that has to be swept up. Due to its all-natural makeup, with no chemical or color additives, it will simply melt into a brine.

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Better Performance
The high-performance capabilities of Ice Slicer enable crews to clear primary roads faster with fewer return trips due to the gradation. It goes down, creates immediate and long-lasting deicing results in the busiest of community roads. That allows crews to get to secondary and tertiary roads sooner. Ice Slicer significantly outperforms white salt at all temperatures. It is available in bulk, 1 ton Super Sacks,
and 50-pound bags.

Environmental Impact
Ice Slicer is an OMRI-certified organic blend mined from a halite deposit in Southern Utah. It is the perfect blend of complex chlorides, with trace minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, and zinc. The chemical combination helps minimize the effects of sodium chloride on vegetation and the environment. It is a natural blend with no added dyes that will stain concrete or asphalt. Ice Slicer’s effectiveness rate makes it possible to apply 40-100% fewer chlorides on the roads than road salt or white salt – significantly minimizing the corrosion effects.

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