Dust Control Service Areas

Desert Mountain Dust Control Service Areas

The dust control service areas for Desert Mountain Corporation cover the nine states in our Western United States territory: Arizona, Southern California, Southern Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming.


Arizona dust control is tricky. The type of soil found in Arizona can be hard to secure with just blading and watering. That could cost your roads department more. Treating over 5,000 miles of dirt roads in Arizona ensures public safety. 


Southern California Dust Control

Southern California dust control solutions and products vary by location and purpose, but always keep the environment in mind.  Fugitive dust emission control regulations are in place for counties like Riverside and San Bernardino, and special event venues like Cochella.

Southern Colorado dust control can be challenging due to the varied climate and soil types. That can make dust control, road stabilization, and soil stabilization a challenge...

With over 23,000 miles of roads unpaved and Eastern Idaho’s winds, dust control can be an issue. The cost of road improvements must be weighed against the cost of accidents and damage to vehicles due to road disrepair. 

In Montana, dust control and road stabilization are necessary for the health and safety of visitors, residents, and communities. Bus routes and campsite access roads are just a couple of the unpaved roads we treat.  

Ensuring road stability and safety while maintaining healthy air quality for visitors, employees and residents is a key part of budgets from Farmington to Gallup, Santa Fe to Deming, Roswell to Las Cruces.

Tens of thousands of miles of unpaved roads coupled with the strong Texas winds, make dust control an ongoing issue. Residents and road departments are always aware of the fine balance between budgets and safe roads.

The outlying Utah rural areas, National Forests, Parks, and Monuments need to treat the access roads and busier routes to prevent fugitive dust from ruining the majestic views. 

Wyoming dust control takes knowledge and expertise. Controlling the dust that blows across the wide-open spaces of Wyoming isn’t easy. But for many government and private companies, it is part of the annual budget.

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