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Montana Anti-Icing

questions-landon-dippreyKeeping icy winter roads in Montana safe for travelers is a top priority for Montana Department of Transportation (MDT), cities, counties, and tribal roads departments. MDT has links on their website with traveler information, travel conditions, safety, things to do and more. From Interstates 15, 90 and 94 to Montana state highways 12, 87 and 191 – the interstate freeways, state highways, county roads and city streets become treacherous every winter. How is your highway, public works or roads and streets department ensuring that travelers are as safe as possible? Montana anti-icing, deicing, and ice melting procedures impact both local bus routes and travel for interstate travelers.  Are you prepared?

In Montana, icy, remote roads and big snowfalls are a way of life. From Billings to Bozeman, Columbia Falls to Roundup and most of the state, a roads department must be prepared. A prepared roads department has a proven plan in place to minimize the buildup of snow and ice BEFORE it happens, enhance the effectiveness of aggregate treatments or prevent bridges from becoming a danger zone. Desert Mountain Corporation has the liquid and granular solutions required to meet the needs of the demanding Montana environment.

Our laboratory tested and field-proven treatments for Montana anti-icing and deicing solutions include:

Montana Anti-Icing

Ice Slicer
Ice Slicer is a granular de-icing product. It is environmentally friendly, low-corrosive, and used to break the bond of snow and ice from Montana streets, roads, highways, walkways, driveways, and parking lots. Mined in Utah, the unique natural blend of Ice Slicer’s chlorides melts snow and ice effectively to 0° F, resulting in safer roads at lower temperatures. Ice Slicer’s road deicer has a distinctive natural dark red color is free of dyes and full of 60+ natural minerals. Its distinctive red coloring clearly marks the road, letting the public know a road has been treated. Available for purchase in both bagged – 1 ton super sacks – and in bulk truckload quantities – call Lynn James at 307-856-1377 for more information.

Rear Discharge Trailers Available for Delivery!

Treating large or small aggregate, sand or salt stockpiles with SOS helps Montana winter road departments increase the performance of salt or gravel applications. When they have to apply less product, they end up saving money for the road department in total winter road treatment costs. An application of SOS requires a smaller amount of sand or salt to be spread due to less bounce and scatter and reduces leaching.

AMP is a salt brine additive, that is mixed in with the brine to intensify the effect of the brine mixture. With its built-in corrosion inhibitor, it will reduce the damage done roads departments equipment. Testing done by our R & D Lab and live road tests have seen strong results – AMP continues to melt in temperatures as low as 10°F.

MeltDown Apex
A liquid deicing product, MeltDown Apex has melting capabilities that are a 12°F improvement in freeze point over any other liquid deicer. Making it easier for Montana road departments to battle the snow and ice buildup with an enhanced version of mag brine that works at lower temperatures.

With a complete line of ice melting products and ice control products, Desert Mountain Corporation has the solution for winter driving challenges. Available in both granular and liquid forms for Montana anti-icing and deicing of rural, urban and in many cases highly dangerous roads. Across the state, the conditions are different and the deicing approach may vary. Our expert team will guide you in selecting the best products and application rates for anti-icing and de-icing.

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