New Mexico Deicing & Anti-Icing

New Mexico Deicing and Anti-Icing
Keeps Roads More Safe

Keeping icy winter roads in New Mexico safe for travelers is a top priority for city, county, tribal, and state DOT’s. From I-40 to US 491, US 550 to I-25 – the interstate freeways, state highways, county roads, and city streets become treacherous every winter. New Mexico deicing and anti-icing, and ice melting procedures impact both local commuters and travelers. 


Are You Ready for Snow and Black Ice Events?

How is your public works or roads and streets department ensuring that winter travel is as safe as possible? 

Whether the plan is to minimize the buildup of snow and ice BEFORE it happens, enhance the capabilities of salt or sand, or prevent bridges from icing up – Desert Mountain Corporation has the solution for your needs.  

Our laboratory tested and field-proven granular and liquid solutions for New Mexico ice melt, deicing, and anti-icing solutions include:


Ice Slicer

Ice Slicer is an environmentally friendly, low-corrosive granular ice melt and de-icing product used to break the bond of snow and ice from roadways, walkways, driveways, and parking lots. The unique blend of Ice Slicer’s natural chlorides melts snow and ice effectively to 0° F, resulting in safer roads at lower temperatures. Ice Slicer’s road deicer has a distinctive natural dark red color that is free of dyes and full of 60+ natural minerals. It has a distinctive red coloring that clearly marks the road, letting the public know a road has been treated. Available for purchase in 50 lb. bags, 1-ton super sacks, and in bulk truckload quantities – call us at (877) 718-3878 for more information.


Don’t Settle for Plain Road Salt!

Ice Slicer is a fast-acting deicing compound, ideal for general highway and street deicing. In the first 30 minutes after application, Ice Slicer effectively melts more snow and ice than white salt. It is easier on equipment and infrastructure since it is at least 20% less corrosive than white salt. As a natural blend, Ice Slicer will not stain concrete or asphalt or require clean up after the snow melts.

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MeltDown Liquid

MeltDown is a liquid deicer that delivers a 12°F improvement in freeze point over any other liquid deicer. It is an enhanced version of mag brine that works at lower temperatures and makes it easier for road departments to battle the snow and ice buildup on the roads.


MeltDown Apex

MeltDown Apex offers a remarkable 12°F advancement in freeze point compared to other liquid deicers. This performance enhanced magnesium chloride brine not only performs effectively at lower temperatures but also enhances snowfighters' ability to tackle snow and ice buildup on roads. Apex can be applied independently or blended with salt to accelerate snow and ice melting while boosting traction.

In anti-icing scenarios, Apex's superior melting capacity extends the time between routes by minimizing snow pack accumulation and facilitating more efficient snow removal by plows, thus reducing operational costs.

During deicing operations, when applied in a stream pattern, Apex rapidly penetrates through the snow pack vertically, breaking the bond with the road surface effectively.


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