Soil Stabilization

Soil Stabilization – Strengthen, Preserve and Protect

Soil Stabilization

Questions Call UsSoil stabilization is used to make areas of soil more secure and stable. The definition of “stable” depends on the area you’re discussing. For empty areas of disturbed soil in fields, on large lots or embankments of excess soil from a construction project where there will be no foot or vehicle traffic, soil stabilization may mean dust control – securing the fine particles so they won’t blow away when the winds kick up. For property and road construction, soil stabilization means properly preparing the road and shoulders with eco-friendly chemical additives to strengthen the soil for construction. It is required when the soil available is not suitable for the intended purpose or it has already served a purpose.

When soil is stabilized it is stronger and safer. Stabilization is used to reduce the permeability and compress-ability of the area in order to increase the load bearing capacity. Areas that are stabilized for strength purposes include roads, highways, parking lots, earthen runways, building and oil field pads and much more. Products we use to strengthen roads and building pads include BaseBind and Dura-Loc.

Construction projects often have dirt they need to store from digging foundations, creating different elevations, leveling for building or adding sidewalks. Mines have tailings storage areas that will be used when it is time to restore the mine. And roads that have a lot of use in rural areas all need preserving to ensure safe transportation. We utilize Dura-Loc and Surface-Loc to secure embankments, berms, and sediment piles for many industries.

High winds will often kick up loose soil on and around busy gravel roads and major highways. If it is an area that will not have any foot or vehicle traffic, blowing soil can be stabilized with an application of our popular co-polymer, Surface-Loc. It creates a durable layer of protection similar to a light film and will prevent high wind dust blowing events that close down highways and cause tragic accidents.

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