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Road stabilization is crucial for the health and safety of rural communities. When a dirt road is properly prepared and utilizes the right products to ensure its stability, residents can breathe easier knowing that travel on the roads will be safer. Stabilization helps reduce the wear and tear on the surface of a road and contributes to its strength and longevity. An added benefit of gravel road stabilization is dust control. A treated road will also be healthier for those around it as less fugitive dust will be produced from the traffic.

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Road Stabilization Benefits

Road stabilization benefits include more than a smooth driving surface. The benefits of road stabilization include:

  • Road strength
    A dirt road that has been bladed to remove potholes and washboards, then treated with one of our products will be stronger, will hold together longer, and will resist breakouts.
  • Reduced fugitive dust
    When roads are treated with stabilization products an added benefit is dust control. By binding the fine particles to the larger pieces of aggregate, less dust will be blowing with increased traffic or windy days.
  • Reduced aggregate loss
    Roads that are treated on a regular stabilization/dust control program will require less additional aggregate added than if they were just bladed and watered alone. Our products like RoadSaver, Road Loc, and DuraBlend, to name a few, seal aggregate of all sizes together so less is blowing off into the air and ditches. Many of our customers that treat their roads quarterly have enjoyed substantial savings. Aggregate does not have to be continually added to the rural roads to make them drivable.
  • Safer Roads
    A dirt road that has been treated is safer than one that has loose gravel and aggregate of all sizes. With repeated treatments, the product will build up and can resemble a paved road. It will require less product and aggregate with each subsequent treatment. It will also have fewer potholes and washboards.
  • Reduced water penetration
    Dirt roads don’t have to be a muddy mess. With a road stabilization and dust control program in place, the cumulative product in the road creates a hard surface that is less likely to get muddy during rain and snowstorms.

Important Roads to Stabilize

When major routes through a county are on dirt roads, they have to be tended frequently – unless they have been treated. Grading, blading, and watering are all drastically reduced when eco-friendly road stabilization products are applied. Important roads to stabilize include:

  • Bus routes
  • Parking lots
  • Main thoroughfares
  • Campsite access roads
  • Forest Service control roads

These important transportation routes should be kept in the best condition for safe travel and to prevent wear and tear on school buses, residents, and county vehicles. Investing in the treatment of organic, inorganic, polymer, copolymer, or custom blended products will extend the life of road equipment and free up manpower to be used elsewhere.

Road Stabilization Products


Road Loc® 
One of our best binders, Road Loc® is an all-natural organic polymer designed for road stabilization. Road Loc® works by binding together fine particles found in aggregate and natural soils preventing them from forming fugitive dust. Road Loc® adheres to these particles together with larger aggregate and natural soils preventing movement which aids in the stabilization and helps prevent washboards and potholes.


Dura-Loc® combines the best of lignin sulfonate, organic material, and eco-friendly polymers for dust control, soil, and road stabilization solutions from Desert Mountain Corporation that works with many types of soil. It binds the fine particles found in aggregate and natural soils reducing potholes and washboards. It helps preserve the blading and other road work, preventing the road from getting rough and creating fugitive dust.


Surface-Loc® is a product designed for soil stabilization that reduces surface erosion. Surface-Loc® is a copolymer product for use in areas like stockpiles, paths, hillsides, parking lots, and earthen runways, anywhere soil erosion is a problem.


Mixed-in with aggregates or recycled asphalt or applied topically, BaseBind® will stabilize roads and parking lots with long-lasting results. It is ultra-low chloride and more weather resistant than other dust control solutions.

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