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Montana Dust Control

In Montana, dust control and road stabilization are necessary for the health and safety of rural residents, large and small communities. With nearly 76,000 miles of roads across the state, approximately 54,000 miles of those roads are unpaved. State, county, and city road departments must balance the cost of maintenance with the cost of accidents. 



RoadSaver – a high-grade magnesium chloride product that performs well in most soil types. It is a hygroscopic compound that attracts moisture from the air and resists evaporation.



DuraBlend – An innovative blend of magnesium chloride and performance-enhancing polymers, DuraBlend contains fewer chlorides and designed for dust control in environmentally sensitive areas.


Road Loc®

Road Loc – An all-natural organic polymer designed for road stabilization. Road Loc is an environmentally friendly product derived from the tree pulp industry.



Dura-Loc – combines lignin sulfonate, an organic material, and eco-friendly polymers for effective dust control, soil, and road stabilization solutions.



Surface-Loc – A high purity grade co-polymer product designed for dust control, and soil stabilization that reduces surface erosion.

Dust Control Benefits

Desert Mountain Corporation offers environmentally friendly Montana dust control solutions and soil stabilization products that will benefit the communities by:

  • Improving travel safety
  • Less wash boarding & fewer potholes
  • Providing safer working conditions
  • Less wear and tear on equipment
  • Reduced water costs
  • Reduced fines
  • Improved public relations
  • Fewer dust-related employee illnesses

Community Safety

With the majority of roads in Montana unpaved, high traffic ones need to be stabilized for the safety of residents and travelers alike. Travel safety for residents, school buses, and visitors is a primary concern. To ensure their safety, dirt roads and parking lots should be regularly maintained and treated to stabilize the soil and prevent blowing dust. This is especially important for the high traffic streets and roads like:

  • bus routes
  • parking lots
  • main thoroughfares
  • campsite access roads

Ensuring that travel hazards like potholes and wash boarding are addressed will reduce the costs of upkeep and make roads safer.

Follow the Rules

Each Montana governing agency has different rules and regulations. Don’t get caught off guard! Below are a few links to the agencies that will be monitoring:

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