Landfill Dust Control, Erosion Control, and Soil Stabilization

Landfill Dust Control

Landfill dust control is a daily concern for those operating them. Traditionally in outlying areas of cities, they must control the naturally occurring smells and the dust that is generated from the daily traffic and capping of cells. And one of the biggest culprits in creating dust is the garbage trucks themselves. They are bringing in the waste with countless trips from neighborhoods and businesses to the landfill on the busy dirt haul roads.

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Moving Dirt
Landfills are unique in that have very heavy traffic daily from waste collection and disposal. They also have heavy internal traffic from the earth moving equipment that is compacting, covering, and moving the waste.  Whether you’re operating a Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Construction and Demolition, or Inert Landfill, applying a dust control solution to the roads and inactive cells will help ensure less blowing dust as the work happens and provide erosion control when it rains and snows.

Landfill dust control

Water Conservation
Not only will a dust control solution prevent blowing dust, but it will also help conserve water and enhance road stabilization. A landfill without an adequate dust control plan will be running a water truck on its roads 8 to 10 times a day. That’s 4,500 gallons of water each trip. A total of 36,000 to 45,000 gallons of water – every day. Combine that with the water truck’s fuel usage and salary for the driver that could be working elsewhere – that’s a lot of money that could be better spent. Landfills that apply our dust control products see that 8-10 times a day reduced to once a day and even in some cases only a couple of times a week.

Compliance and Planning
When landfills have an active Dust Control Plan in place, it will outline the best practice procedures. These procedures will be taken to control and minimize the creation of dust and prevent safety hazards due to obscured visibility. The plan will take into account normal and high wind conditions and have procedures in place for both.

Our landfill dust control and soil stabilization experts will assist you in developing a dust control plan that will use less water and save money. Contact your local sales representative or call 877-718-3878 for more information.

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