Mining Dust Control, Erosion Control, Road & Soil Stabilization

Desert Mountain Corporation can provide the mining dust control and soil stabilization required by the CDCMSHA, EPA, and DEQ. We have environmentally-friendly products that will make the work environment SAFER and save money at the same time. Or we will work with your mining environmental department to create a specialized solution to address your unique needs.


Customized Mining Solutions

We provide customized mining solutions for erosion control and dust control for underground mines and open pit mines including:

  • Haul Road Maintenance
  • Surface Erosion Control
  • Slope and Berm Control
  • Evaporation Pond Liners

How Effective Is Just Watering?

While applying water on a very frequent basis will help keep the dust under control and reduce some soil erosion, how effective is that approach long term?

Significant cost, labor, wear and tear on equipment occurs, along with using more water than necessary. And when there are drought conditions, water shortages may occur. 

With the right dust suppression, road stabilization, and soil erosion plan – utilizing traditional and state of the art blends – most mines can actually reduce their water usage up to 50% along with overall short and long-term costs.


A Partner You Can Trust

Desert Mountain is the trusted partner of some of the largest mines in the United States for dust control. We can help with blowing dust on:

  • Haul Roads
  • Ash Piles
  • Tailings Impoundments
  • Open Pits
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Over Burdens
  • Parking Lots

Arizona Mine Haul Road > Road Loc Application

Fugitive dust is a major concern of any mining operation. Desert Mountain Corporation works with many of the busiest mines in Arizona, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. Our goal is to help them to reduce blowing dust and maintain safer roads. Road Loc, our lignosulfonate product, comes from the tree pulping industry. It is a popular choice due to the natural binding properties of the lignin.


Mining Dust Control Products

Desert Mountain Corporation has successfully implemented hard rock mining dust control solutions with

Utilizing the eco-friendly, cost-effective solutions from Desert Mountain Corporation will improve public relations, employee morale, and the bottom line. In the dust control and soil stabilization business since 1990, we have the perfect solutions to mining industry dust control issues.

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Desert Mountain provides dust control, soil stabilization, and road stabilization for the mining industry in 9 states.



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