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We invite you to learn more about us. Our Mission, Our Priorities, Our Principals, What Makes Us Different, and Our Story all makeup who we are at Desert Mountain Corporation.
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Mission Statement

Desert Mountain Corporation is committed to meeting or exceeding the needs of our customers by providing time-tested and cutting-edge ice melt and dust control products and application methods to make travel and work locations safe and productive.

We continually expand our product lines, offering new and innovative solutions which meet the challenges of maintaining a safer and healthier environment in which we live. In business since 1990, our decades of experience, quality products, and exceptional customer service are the keys to our success and the success of our customers.


Safety is Our First Priority

Desert Mountain Corporation believes that safer roads save lives. We are continually conducting research and utilizing the best-performing and most environmentally friendly ingredients available for our dust control, soil stabilization, and ice-melting products.

Our families and friends travel some of the same roads our customers are in charge of maintaining. Our products, if applied correctly, will help keep those roads safer for everyone. Desert Mountain goes to great lengths to offer the most efficient, high-performance products available to keep your family safe during their travels.

Safety is also critical for our team. Desert Mountain Corporation has a full-time Safety Director on staff, and all of our personnel are trained and regularly refreshed on OSHA, MSHA, and DOT regulations.


Our Business Principles

Desert Mountain Corporation operates on these key principles:

  • We Strive To Exceed Our Customer Expectations
  • We Maintain Honesty and Integrity in Everything We Do
  • We Are Never Satisfied With The Norm

Our Story

The Desert Mountain story is unique. It was formed in 1990 when the two owners, Paul Bessey and Tom Linden, met by accident. Paul had blown the motor in one of his semi-trucks, and Tom happened to be looking for a truck to put a spare motor into. The rest is history.

They teamed up and initially started out as a liquid bulk commodity trucking firm. They achieved success in the transportation and application of dust suppressants in the Rocky Mountain area for various chemical companies. In 1994, Desert Mountain decided to service and market its own products. Through testing, research, and practical application, Desert Mountain found that liquid Magnesium Chloride provides an environmentally acceptable solution to dust control problems in commercial markets while offering an economical solution for area governments in the maintenance and stabilization of unpaved public roads.


What Makes Us Different?

Desert Mountain Corporation has the experience and industry knowledge to help resolve any dust control or ice melt issues. The satisfaction of our customers is guaranteed.

We are always developing new products and researching the latest innovations in dust control, road stabilization, soil stabilization, and ice melt products and application methods.

We pride ourselves on offering high-performance value-added products and services to our customers.

Desert Mountain
strives to be a GREEN business. Our products are environmentally friendly. We feel the best way to have a positive impact on the environment is to have as little as possible.

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