Surface-Loc Co-Polymer for Soil Stabilization


Surface-Loc is a high purity grade copolymer.

surface loc

A versatile solution, it can be used in many applications including dust control, erosion control, road stabilization, and soil stabilization. Surface-Loc from Desert Mountain Corporation is applied easily, is very affordable and reliable. When mixed with water and applied to the surface, it will penetrate down into the soil to create a tough layer of protection. It binds fine dust and aggregate particles to keep surfaces stable, dust-free, and dries clear. Color can be added to outline treatment areas.

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The level of Surface-Loc protection is determined by the amount used for different applications. Light applications of Surface-Loc are effective for binding soil particles together for dust and erosion control while allowing water and air to still penetrate the surface. Heavier applications build durable and waterproof surfaces. This hard surface is flexible and can even withstand the demands of vehicle traffic. It is a cost-effective treatment for many applications.

Uses and Applications of Surface-Loc

Surface-Loc is a copolymer binder. Co-polymer binding agents are versatile and are used in many applications including dust control, erosion control, and soil stabilization. We’ve had great success in controlling fugitive dust on stockpiles, mine tailings, open lots and fields, and highway shoulders.

Features and Benefits of Surface-Loc

Keeps your fugitive dust in air quality compliance.

  • Provides cleaner air, cleaner vehicles, and cleaner homes.
  • Promotes better health.
  • Fewer public complaint issues.
  • Reduces the chance of poor visibility due to dust particles being airborne.

Easy to apply with almost any type of applicator:

Surface Loc Brochure
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  • Hydroseeder
  • Water truck
  • Crop Duster
  • Agriculture tractor
  • Hand sprayer

Available in:

  • 275 gallon totes
  • Bulk truck loads
  • Overseas Containers

Easy to work with:

  • Safe, easy clean-up with water
  • Self-mixing
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Non-leaching
  • Non-tracking once cured

Surface-Loc reduces costs by:

  • Reducing vehicle maintenance
  • Reducing your need for blading, watering and aggregate replacement
  • Less expensive than asphalt and concrete

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