4 Deicing Options for Icy Roads

4 Deicing Options for Icy Roads

Granular and Liquid Deicing Options for Icy Roads

Everyone is enjoying the temperatures that are cooling off, but you know what’s coming – icy roads, snow, black ice, and freezing rain events. What is your plan to combat dangerous conditions? Have you evaluated the best anti-icing and deicing options to use on your roads before and during the big snow and ice storms?

If you are using plain sand and salt,
you could be spending more money than is necessary.

Check out these 4 deicing options for icy roads from Desert Mountain Corporation.

1. Ice Slicer – Granular Deicing

Mined in Redmond, Utah, Ice Slicer is an environmentally friendly, low-corrosion de-icing product used to break the bond of snow and ice from roadways, walkways, driveways, and parking lots. Regular white road salt becomes less effective when the temperature dips below 20° F – just when the roadways can be most dangerous.

Ice Slicer’s unique blend of natural chlorides melts snow and ice effectively to 0° F, resulting in safer roads at lower temperatures. The benefits of using Ice Slicer ice melt compared to regular road salt include:

  • Safer Roads – works at lower temperatures – down to 0° F
  • Increased Traction – includes small, medium and large granules
  • Long-Term Savings – Fewer applications = fuel savings and less wear and tear on equipment
  • More Eco-Friendly – decreases chloride impact on the environment by 50%
  • Less Corrosive – less long-term damage to roads and vehicles
  • More Effective – less product can be used per lane mile with better results
  • Melts Longer – stays on the road longer, a unique gradation with small particles starting to work right away and bigger pieces acting as a time release for longevity
  • Decreased Clean-Up Costs – it melts down to a liquid form, unlike sand that has to be swept up
  • Improved Public Image – Improves the level of service to residents and provides access to secondary roads sooner

Ice Slicer’s distinctive natural dark red color is free of dyes and full of 60+ natural minerals. It lets the public know a road has been treated. Ice Slicer can be purchased in both bagged – 1 ton super sacks – and in bulk truckload quantities.

2. Liquid Anti-Icing and De-Icing

Meltdown is our most popular liquid ice melt product. It is effective down to 15 degrees and can be used as an anti-icer or a de-icer.

Apex is a premium, enhanced liquid product. Meltdown with Apex is designed to work at lower temperatures (-5) and can also be applied at lower application rates, therefore making it more cost-effective.

3. Liquid Product Enhancers

For help supercharging your existing stockpiles and salt brine supplies, ask about our new line of product enhancers.  Deicing options like SOS will enhance salt, sand, and cinder stockpiles to perform better. Amp will increase the effectiveness of existing salt brine supplies.

4. Packaged Ice Melts

Desert Mountain Corporation is also pleased to provide consumer-grade bagged products. Call us at 877718-3878 to ask about ice melting products to treat sidewalks, driveways, and smaller parking lots:

  • Ice Slicer: Effective down to 0 degrees. (50 to a pallet, packaged in 50 lb bags)
  • Nature’s Best: Effective to Below Zero Degrees Fahrenheit (50 to a pallet, packaged in 50 lb bags)
  • Safe Step: Effective down to an impressive minus 32 degrees. (50 to a pallet, packaged in 50 lb bags)

Desert Mountain Corporation has been ensuring winter road safety since 1990. If you would like a reference to speak to our clients or more information on our deicing options and solutions, please contact our experienced sales staff at (877) 718-3878.

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