Meltdown Liquid

Meltdown Liquid Magnesium Chloride Deicing and Anti-Icing

Meltdown Anti Icing Deicing

Product Description
Meltdown Liquid™ anti-icing and deicing products from Desert Mountain Corporation are all formulated with eco-friendly magnesium chloride and other ingredients to ensure that anti-icing and deicing take place when freezing temperatures are present.

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Uses or Application
When applied according to recommended standards to black ice or frost conditions, MeltDown Liquid ™ provides increased performance versus most other liquid products. Repeated applications may be required to completely melt accumulated snow and ice pack depending on depth.

As an anti-icer applied prior to a storm, MeltDown™ can help prevent snow and ice from bonding to the road surface. This provides higher service levels and reduces maintenance costs and patrol times. It also improves air quality by reducing or eliminating the need to use sand. Melting Capacity Melting capacity research (< see chart) conducted using SHRP (Strategic Highway Research Program) procedures show that MeltDown™ consistently outperforms most other de-icing materials. Greater melting capacity means a longer-lasting product, which allows for the use of less product, increased coverage, and improved equipment utilization. (SHRP H2905.8)

Features / Benefits

Meltdown Liquid
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  • Melts ice/snow
  • Safer roads
  • Less stress for supervisor
  • Fewer complaints
  • Peace of mind
  • Improved public relations

Lower re-freezing point

  • Longer patrol cycle times
  • Roads hold longer
  • Less supervisor stress

Eliminates the use of sand

  • Reduces airborne particles to PM10 standards
  • Decreases sand clean-up costs

No blending is necessary

  • Low-cost storage
  • Predictable performance

Corrosion Performance
The Pacific Northwest Snowfighters (PNS) coalition has adopted a test based on a modified version of NACE TM-01-69 to measure and rank de-icing chemicals in terms of relative corrosion toward ferrous metals. In this test, distilled water and salt are assigned relative corrosion rates of 0 and 100 respectively, and deicing chemicals are ranked according to these two standards. To be considered for use in the PNS states, a de-icer must score 30 or less (70% less corrosive than salt) on this scale. In this test, MeltDown Liquid ™ was found to be less corrosive than Rock Salt and CaCl2 (see chart below).


MeltDown™ is among the least harmful of common de-icers to vegetation and groundwater according to independent studies conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It is nonirritating and safer to handle and won’t cause burning or stinging normally associated with alternative products. MeltDown™ also meets or exceeds all the purity requirements as set by PNS. MeltDown™ is safer for use around plants and animals as well as being less harmful to road surfaces and metals when used as recommended. MeltDown™ is free of toxic metals and substances and is also used as a dust control agent and fertilizer for crops such as turf and small grains.

“I have had absolutely no damage to turf, concrete, or asphalt since changing to this product, and I never hear complaints from housekeeping about the track in the material into the building. The application is simple.” — Ted Williams, Loveland Good Samaritan

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