DuraBlend, a bio-plant polymer-enhanced magnesium chloride blend, is an environmentally responsible answer to high-demand dust control and road stabilization. This innovative product for dust control, road stabilization, and soil stabilization is blended with a performance-enhancing polymer to keep surfaces stable and dust-free while using only half the chloride of standard dust control products.


Features and Benefits

  • Environmentally Responsible

  • Lower Chlorides

  • Less Product Required

  • Creates a Cap on the Road

Ask Us About DuraBlend

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Preparation For An Application

Preparation for DuraBlend application is the same as for a typical chloride product, but the road or lot does not need to be rolled after grading is finished. This process provides for the optimal surface penetration into the top of the area. It does not require blade mixing to extend performance. Continual applications reduces base loss.

The following four factors work together to achieve optimum results:

  • Quality and composition of aggregate
  • Moisture
  • Road preparation
  • Application rate

Enhanced Advantages

Environmentally Friendly

  • Decreases carbon footprint
  • Reduces application rates
  • Lowers impact on vegetation & trees

Resists Migration

  • Bonds with aggregate, reducing dust
  • Soil stays on road, maintaining base
  • Polymers keep chloride in road

Improved Road Quality

  • Fewer Potholes
  • Less washboarding
  • Lowered impact on vehicles

Spring Training Dirt Parking Lot Application

Spring Training games are for baseball, not walking through dusty parking lots! Desert Mountain is proud to provide DuraBlend, our co-polymer/magnesium chloride specialty blended product to reduce fugitive dust and stabilize the dirt parking lots at Spring Training games.

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DuraBlend Performance

DuraBlend is blended with a performance enhancing polymer, requiring up to 50% less product application than standard products. It will keep surfaces stable and dust free, and you get the benefit of reduced chlorides. DuraBlend achieves the same performance as a typical magnesium chloride treatment.


Health, Toxicity & Environmental

Applying DuraBlend allows you to be environmentally conscious without having to pay more. To ensure appropriate application rates that will produce the best performance for your soil type, Desert Mountain Corporation will test samples from your area, customizing the application for optimal performance, with minimum environmental impact.

With half the chloride of standard dust control products, it bonds with the soil to reduce leaching, even after rainfalls, lowering the impact on the surrounding environment and vegetation. Plus, a lower application rate means a smaller delivery volume, further reducing your carbon footprint.


Road Preparation for Application

High-performance DuraBlend can be applied to the surface or mixed in to the area being treated. It is recommended that the surface be free of potholes and washboards. To aid in penetration, the area should be pre-wetted to optimum moisture content.

Road preparation for an application is the same as for a typical chloride product, but the road does not need to be rolled after grading is finished. This process provides for the optimal surface penetration.

Our experienced sales and operations staff will assist your team with the requirements to ensure a successful project.


"DuraBlend's enhanced polymer blend helps it bond to the dust and aggregate, lowering the migration of chloride from the road to improve friction in moisture situations and provide for safer driving surfaces."

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