X-Hesion Pro

X-Hesion Pro Ultra-Low Chloride Polymer

X-Hesion Pro Dust Control

X-Hesion Pro™ is an ultra-low chloride dust control, road, and soil stabilization product that utilizes agriculturally derived, complex organic polymers. They keep the surfaces of road base stable and dust-free while maintaining a road surface that is flexible and water-resistant.

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X-Hesion Pro™ is perfect for environmentally sensitive areas. It is an ultra-low chloride-based dust control product that helps to limit the chlorides introduced into the environment. It is more effective at drawing in and retaining moisture and more weather resistant. The result is a stronger fine particle – an aggregate matrix that reduces dust to a PM10 standard and yields a road surface that is compact, water-resistant, and durable.

Road surface preparation is extremely important to the success of X-Hesion Pro. The better the road conditions, the more successful the application will be. With proper road preparation, compaction, and application X-Hesion Pro will bring the results you’re looking for.

X-Hesion Pro™ can be used on the following surfaces:X-Hesion Pro

  • Unpaved state, county and township roads
  • Orchards/agricultural roads
  • Federal/state parks
  • Quarries/mine/haul roads
  • Private and rural roads
  • Military roads /federal projects
  • Parking lots
  • Tree/flower/shrub nurseries
  • Airfields and helicopter pads
  • Feedlots

When the project requires a more environmentally sensitive solution, X-Hesion Pro is the choice of many road departments.

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Colorado (Southern) – Doyle Villers at 970-844-0811
Four Corners Area (UT, CO, NM, AZ) – Doyle Villers at 970-844-0811
Idaho – Landon Dipprey at 307-226-0456
Montana (Eastern) – Dalton Alton at 208-521-1275
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New Mexico – Pamela Tuttle at 505-860-9948
Texas – Pamela Tuttle at 505-860-9948
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