Oil Field

Oil Field
Road and Soil Stabilization

Desert Mountain Corporation can help with dirt road maintenance plans, road and soil stabilization, and pad sets for the construction and operation of oil and gas rigs. We offer dust control and stabilization products that are organic, inorganic, polymer, copolymer, or custom blends. 


Oil Field Services from Desert Mountain

Don’t leave oil field tasks like road maintenance plans, stabilization, and pad sets for the construction and operation of oil and gas rigs to an inexperienced company. Desert Mountain Corporation has been providing products like magnesium chloride for drilling fluids, and other oilfield services like road stabilization, soil stabilization, and dust control since 1990.


Oil Field Services Available For:

  • Leasehold roads

  • Rig access roads

  • Pre-construction pad sets

  • Multi-well pad sites

  • Facility sites

  • Tank farms

  • Fleet yards

  • Yard sets

  • Tank sets

  • Parking pads

  • Drilling fluids

  • And more

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Safer Drilling Pad Sites & Access Roads

Drilling pad sites must be stable. Constructing a rig on ground that is not stabilized can be a big risk to employees and equipment. And access roads must be drivable. If the ruts are too deep or there is no stabilization it can cause safety concerns. Trucks can overturn, lands can be polluted and the product can be lost.


Environmentally Friendly Products

With our environmentally friendly product line, we’ll select the best solution to resolve your concerns. We offer dust control and soil stabilization products that are organic, inorganic, polymer, copolymer, or custom blends.

And when the drilling is done, our products can be returned to the preconstruction state. No hauling out tons of concrete or asphalt.

Ask Us About Oil Field Solutions

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Drilling and Completion Liquids & Flakes

Our calcium chloride liquid, magnesium chloride liquid, and magnesium chloride flakes have many uses in the drilling and completion processes. 

Mag can increase the fluid density of completion brines and it can help improve the process of drilling boreholes into subterranean formations as well.

Calcium chloride can provide additional density to assist in controlling formation pressures. And if the if the fluid is clean, calcium chloride can help avoid losses of formation and subsequent formation damage. 

For oil-based drilling mud, calcium chloride can also function as a swelling agent, to assist in forming strong cement columns.


Oil Field Road Maintenance Plan

We’ve worked with ranchers and other landowners, public entities, oil and gas exploration, and oil drilling companies. Desert Mountain helps provide drilling process improvements, road and drill pad stability, ease of maintenance, and safe rig access – with the safety standards to meet OSHA requirements.

We’ll help you deliver a Road Maintenance Plan that will meet the standards of government agencies like the Bureau of Land Management and the US Forest Service.

Desert Mountain Corporation – Keeping Roads Safe Since 1990!