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Proud to serve many industries across the Western United States

Desert Mountain Corporation is a leader in the Western United States in eco-friendly dust control, soil stabilization, ice melting, and pothole patch pavement repair products. We are constantly striving to provide both traditional and new products in blends, ingredients, and additives to ensure that the solutions we offer are the highest quality and surpass the most stringent testing methods.

Partnering with the leading manufacturers in the dust control and ice melt industry, we provide our customers with the perfect solution for the issues they face. Whether they are looking to improve their transportation routes, ensure that high winds don’t dissipate their stockpiles, or make winter icy roads safer for travel, Desert Mountain Corporation has a solution.

In business since 1990, we provide safer roads and environments. Our team of seasoned experts will help every industry find what works best for their traffic patterns, soil types, and budget.

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A few of the industries we serve include:

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