DMC Custom Blend

Custom soil and road stabilization with magnesium chloride, lignin, and other binding agents

DMC Blend

What Is DMC Custom Blend?

DMC Custom Blend is specifically formulated with our best selling products – Road Loc®, RoadSaver®, and other proprietary solutions – customized to give it a superior binding capability by gluing road base particles of all sizes together. Our soil and road stabilization experts evaluate your road, parking lot, haul road, or other surface and determine the right mixture of the key ingredients, magnesium chloride, lignosulfonate, and other binding agents, for optimum success. DMC Custom Blend is hygroscopic by nature and works by drawing moisture from the air to the soil. We recommend DMC Custom Blend when just one product is not enough.

DMC Custom Blend is designed for use in both dust control and road stabilization applications. It works to control dust and stabilize aggregate and dirt surfaces on almost any type of road.

Uses and Applications

  • State, County, and Township unpaved roads
  • Federal Parks
  • State Parks
  • Mine haul roads
  • Construction site haul roads
  • Forest Service roads
  • Timber haul roads
  • Military roads
  • Parking lot surfaces
  • Tree, Flower, and Shrub Nurseries
  • Orchards
  • Agricultural
  • Private and rural roads
  • Construction staging areas
  • Airfields
  • Helicopter pads
  • Feedlots
  • and much more!

Features and Benefits

Binder• Safer roads and driving conditions
• Longer lasting road stabilization
• Less potholes
• Less washboarding
• Improves surface durability
Dust Suppression• Keeps fines on the road
• Better public relations
• Cleaner air
• Reduces dust to PM10 standard
BlendedCustomized for each project’s soil type and performance requirements
Environmental• Less chlorides into the environment
• Less corrosive

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