Military Road Stabilization, Dust Control and Soil Stabilization

Military Dust Control

When Military bases, training facilities, airfields, or practice ranges need dust control, road stabilization or soil stabilization they call on Desert Mountain Corporation. We provide the products and equipment to stabilize parking lots, training fields, runways, helicopter landing pads and much more. With organic and inorganic solutions, polymer and our colored copolymers, we have provided stabilization, dust control and demarcation of training areas. We love the challenge of unique requests and have worked with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to provide safe and effective practice ranges and bases.

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Accessing these remote locations is often along dirt roads that need to have dust suppressants for the health and safety of military personnel. Applying the right product for the job is what the experts at Desert Mountain are known for. Stabilizing a parking lot or access road would most likely require products like RoadSaver or Dura-Loc. To secure and mark areas for military exercises we would recommend Surface-Loc, durablend or we would work with our R & D Lab to create the perfect fugitive dust suppressant to meet the requested needs.

The dust control and soil stabilization experts at Desert Mountain Corporation are looking forward to helping more of our military bases, training facilities and airfields maintain safe areas. Contact your local sales representative below or call 877-718-3878 for more information.

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