SOS Liquid Stockpile Treatment

SOS Liquid Stockpile Treatment for Salt and Sand

SOS Liquid Stockpile Treatment is a high-performance product designed for the pre-treatment of salt and sand, offering advanced capabilities in storage and application. It is designed to enhance the melting performance of stockpiles, diminish leaching, reduce bounce and scatter, and enable stockpiles to remain free-flowing. With SOS, from Desert Mountain Corporation, your stockpile will take a bite out of ice and snow..

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Ice Melting

SOS™ is a chemically pure, quality-controlled salt and sand stockpile treatment that won’t spoil or smell over time. Leaching is decreased by pre-treating stockpiles when convenient without worrying about product loss or messy cleanup.

Why Use SOS™?

Using treated salt rather than untreated salt can save you both time and money. By reducing bounce and scatter, it gets more salt applied where intended and where it’s the most effective. Achieve a higher level of service, safer roads, and reduce environmental impact by selecting SOS™.



SOS™ Liquid Stockpile Treatment delivers unmatched performance at colder temperatures, allowing for the use of salt at temperatures not previously possible. SOS™ is designed to reduce leaching in stockpiles, especially in higher humidity conditions, allowing you to pre-treat stockpiles in any season. This creates the ability to prepare materials well in advance and plans more effectively for winter operations. Or to be better prepared for emergency deicing situations.

SOS Liquid Stockpile Treatment
Uses and Application

Treating a stockpile with 6-10 gallons of SOS™ per ton of granular material powerfully enhances the melting performance of the stockpile, particularly at colder temperatures. SOS™ Liquid Stockpile Treatment can be applied to a stockpile in advance or as it is being delivered. Treating the entire stockpile prior to application to the roadway eliminates the need for pre-wetting saddle tanks.

Features and Benefits of SOS Liquid Stockpile Treatment

  • Permits the use of salt at lower temperatures
  • Aids in the prevention of freezing or “clumping”
  • Increases the speed and effectiveness of salt
  • Reduces leaching
  • Increases penetration into ice and snowpack
  • Diminishes the effects of corrosion
  • One ton salt stockpile = 6–10 gallons of SOS
  • One ton sand stockpile = 4–6 gallons of SOS

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