Energy Plant Dust Control

Desert Mountain Corporation assists Energy Plants utilizing solar, wind, coal, natural gas, nuclear and other energy sources with dust control, road stabilization, soil stabilization, erosion control, and ice melting solutions.

Wind Energy

New Energy Plants

When building new solar, wind, natural gas, nuclear, coal, or other energy locations, we can assist in ensuring that local and national air quality regulations are met.

We’ve treated the unpaved roads, parking, lots, and storage piles in many electric, gas, and coal power plants in the Western United States. 

Desert Mountain also provides industry leading anti-icing, deicing, and other ice melting solutions and products to many of the large energy facilities in our territory.


Energy Plants Dust Control

Roads and lots in many energy plants are dirt and unpaved. To make sure that solar panels and other equipment is not damaged by fugitive dust, Desert Mountain applies our environmentally-friendly products to the maintenance access roads, stockpiles, and other dirt areas.

Our sales and operations teams have many years of experience in selecting the right products for the soil types in our regions. Soil varies so greatly that what works in Arizona won’t work in Wyoming. And what works in Texas will be too much for Idaho soils.

Ask Us About Energy Plant Solutions

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Road Stabilization

Often energy plants are remotely located with long dirt roads leading to them. Those access roads and surrounding land and lots need to be stabilized to make sure the investment in aggregate and expense involved in maintaining them doesn’t just blow away.

A properly stabilized road will hold together, have fewer potholes and less wash boarding. It will require less frequent maintenance and will actually save the energy companies money in the long run.


Soil Stabilization at Energy Plants

Electric plants have stockpiles of fly ash and bottom ash that need to be treated to ensure that the dust does not blow into surrounding areas like neighborhoods, recreational areas, lakes, rivers, etc.

A stabilized ash pile will not be able to blow onto nearby highways and possibly cause accidents. We also assist in soil stabilization of berms, road shoulders, and other earthen areas.

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Erosion Control

Wind farm roads need to be treated to ensure a longer life for the existing aggregate and blading activities.

While they are not roads that are heavily trafficked, they need to be in good drivable condition for the maintenance crews in pickups and larger trucks that deliver the huge replacement parts.

Energy plant erosion control methods will help prevent loss of soil particles due to rain, wind, or water flow.


Ice Melting

Energy companies that are in areas where winter snow and ice are a concern will partner with Desert Mountain for the Clear Roads/Pacific Northwest Snowfighters (PNS) Qualified Products like Ice Slicer (our granular deicing product) and Meltdown (our liquid ice melting product).

Our superior products and unmatched service keep our Energy customers coming back to us year after year.

Energy plants rely on Desert Mountain Corporation to keep their roads safe. You can too. 


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