Services Provided by Desert Mountain

Desert Mountain Corporation provides dust control and soil stabilization products and services for dirt roads and other earthen environments. And when the weather turns cold, we offer a complete line of ice melting products to keep roads, parking lots, and pedestrian pathways safer.

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Our products and expert application knowledge and services are utilized by cities, counties, states, and municipalities along with the mining industry, forestry departments, construction companies, aggregate facilities, and landfills throughout the Western United States and South America.


A Tradition of Expertise
Benefit from over 28 years of industry expertise with Desert Mountain Corporation. We offer our clients more, with in-depth consultations, staff training, product storage options, and specially blended product options.


Desert Mountain provides full-service consultations to our customers. We don’t just sell the product. We ensure that the solutions proposed will provide the results that are needed. This includes site visits, site evaluations, soil testing, product recommendations, and on-site training and management.

Product Knowledge Training
Prior to a site application, the experienced team at Desert Mountain Corporation will meet with your team to ensure that they are ready for application day. Each environment and product are different, but one factor is key – proper preparation equals a successful application of dust or ice control materials. Our sales representatives will meet with your team, review step-by-step with your team to ensure the success of the project.


Product Storage Tanks
For ongoing dust control and ice melting projects, Desert Mountain Corporation can provide portable storage tanks, stationary storage tanks, and rail car storage so that the product will always be on hand for planned or unexpected events.

Specially Blended Products
Not all products are applicable to all situations. Climate, weather, soil density, moisture, and much more go into selecting the right solutions for dust and ice control. Desert Mountain’s experience and expertise will ensure that your particular dust or ice issue is addressed. Our superior blended products will combine the strengths of tested solutions – perfected for your unique application situation.


Company Fleet
Desert Mountain has a large fleet of its own late model transports. Not only do we have a complete line of products that we sell, but we also transport our products directly to our customers. Our carrier lanes run throughout the Western United States, from the Canadian border all the way to the Mexican border. We utilize outside carriers to help deliver during peak demand times.

We’re always looking for backhauls and competitive outside carrier rates. Corn, wheat, barley, and other grains, fertilizer, and sodium bicarb are just a few things we’re transporting every day. If you have a specific need or would just like more information, call us today at (877) 718-3878, and ask for Tom Linden, (cell (505) 486-2351). Desert Mountain owns and operates top of the line equipment including:

  • Walking Floor Trailers
  • Hopper Bottoms
  • Combo Trailers
  • Tankers
  • Belly Dumps
  • Computerized Application Trucks
  • Water Trucks
  • Distribution Trucks
  • Transport Trucks
  • Floatation Application Vehicles
  • Certified Weigh Scales

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