At Desert Mountain, we measure success, one customer at a time. 


“Since we started using Ice Slicer exclusively in 1999 we have had up to a 75% reduction in material use and approximately a 50% savings in snow fighting costs per storm.
— Mel Farley, City of Casper Streets Supervisor, Casper, Wyoming.

IceSlicer—“It’s the greatest thing since buttered popcorn!”
— Bill Obermeier, Director of Streets and Alleys, Cheyenne, WY.

“IceSlicer: We have been using Ice Slicer for four years now.  Using it has proved to be one of the best decisions we ever made.  Besides the double bang, the product provides both traction and melting; it saved us over $64,000 the first year we used it, in cleanup costs alone.”
— Jack Reid, Superintendent of Streets and Solid Waste, City of Gillette, WY.

We don’t have to use as much Slicer to achieve the result as we did with ordinary white salt. Also using Ice Slicer helps save on clean-up costs.
— Richard E., Farmington N.M. School District.


“Since 2010, we have contracted with Desert Mountain for the application of dust abatement products on our gravel roads. As the contract representative, I have found their products to be very effective in dust suppression and road surface stabilization. The residents have been pleased with the improved quality of the treated roads and reduction in fugitive dust previously generated by the traffic on these roads. I personally have been pleased to work with the on-site Desert Mountain representatives, as well as their corporate managers. I found them to be dedicated to providing the best service possible at the best price. The Desert Mountain personnel and managers are very personable, sincere, dedicated and reliable in providing a high quality and environmentally safe solution to our road problems. I am pleased to personally recommend Desert Mountain Corporation for anyone seeking dust abatement and /or road stabilization solutions.”
— Donald D Driskill, Project Rep.

“The Durablend product, in my opinion, has probably held up 50% better than straight Mag.”
— Jim Hedges, Fremont County Transportation.

“We have worked with Desert Mountain Corporation on numerous projects. They are extremely knowledgeable and quick to share their knowledge, so we can make the most informed decisions we can. They have also followed through after the sale has been completed. We have always been able to count on Desert Mountain to help with any questions or problems that might have arisen during the product application process.”
— Don Bennett, Oilfield manager.

“I just wanted to take a moment to say “thank you” to you and all those who had a hand in our spring road work in Deer Valley.  It is truly a pleasure to work with a company that cares about the outcome as well as the sale.
— John A. Beebe, President. Deer Valley Estates.

“Apache County District II has been utilizing Desert Mountain Corporation for 9 years. The interactions with sales and support staff having been above and beyond all expectations. The staff has always been friendly and very helpful. Our relationship with Desert Mountain has proven its professionalism and raised our expectation with our other vendors.”
— Tom J. White, Apache County District II.

“That gravel road you and I looked at had about ten times normal traffic due to detour traffic from construction on Rouse Ave. Had some minor grading done months after application but continues to hold up. Sheds water like a paved road.”
— John Van Delinder, Forestry Superintendent City of Bozeman MT.

“We are very pleased with the professionalism of the Desert Mountain Corporation. Desert Mountain we have cut the cost to approximately $3,500 per month and have been able to stay within the tight standards that we are regulated under.”
— Fred Goodrich, Roads and Reclamation Superintendent.

“The residents on the Riley Green Rd. are very pleased. I drove it the other day to pick up a friend and had NO dust at all. With the drought we’re having, it is a far different story on our road, which was untreated.”
— Camp Creek Water Company, Inc.

“We have used Desert Mountain Corp. to service our almost 5 miles of gravel roads in an upscale community in Tesuque, NM, for many years. We are exceptionally pleased with the excellent results, wash boarding and dust are a thing of the past, and our roads have maintained in very good condition in monsoon or drought. Our grading costs have also been significantly reduced. Desert Mountain continues to provide outstanding service to our community.”
— Sincerely, Dennis Clements

Thank you for your business,
Paul, Tom and the entire Desert Mountain Team

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