Construction Dust Control

Construction Dust

Construction dust control is a necessary part of projects of all sizes. Due to regulations set forth by government entities at all levels, contractors and sub-contractors must take active steps to ensure that the air and water quality are not compromised by fugitive dust during their projects – or pay the fines. And depending on project size, a dust control plan may be required.

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What If Watering Doesn’t Work?
Simply using water on access roads, yards, stockpiles, and parking lots can seem like a good solution, but the expense can add up. And if there are water shortages or restrictions, your dust control plan will hit a snag. By applying an environmentally friendly dust control solution, companies can reduce water usage by up to 50%. It also allows the use of water truck personnel on other more critical tasks.

One Product Does Not Fit All
We believe that dust control is not a “one product fits all” industry. Desert Mountain Corporation offers many solutions to address the different levels of construction dust control needed – and the different soil types that may be involved. We have been in the dust control business since 1990 and we understand that each project has unique objectives and conditions that must be addressed. We have the experience and breadth of products to address them. Some areas with no traffic require a surface crust to lock down the soil, and others that will have frequent traffic require a more flexible solution.  We also have water conservation solutions that can be added to a water truck to stretch the amount of water being used.

Types of construction dust control projects that we have completed include:

  • access roads
  • staging areas
  • laydown yards
  • stockpiles
  • parking lots
  • mass graded areas

Desert Mountain Corporation has a wide variety of dust control, soil stabilization, and road stabilization options utilizing our state-of-the-art eco-friendly solutions. Contact us today via email or call 877-718-3878 to find out how we can provide cost-effective solutions for your construction dust control issues.

Want to know the dust control policies for your state? Here are some of the state agencies in our territories:

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality – Air Quality Division

Idaho Department of Environmental Quality – Air Quality

Montana Department of Environmental Quality – Air

New Mexico Environment Department – Air Quality Bureau

California Environmental Protection Agency – Air Resources Board

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment – Air Pollution Control Division

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality – Air

Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality – Air Quality

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