Are Your Winter Products Clear Roads & PNS Qualified?

Are Your Winter Products Clear Roads & PNS Qualified?

Winter products that are Clear Roads and Pacific Northwest Snowfighter (PNS) qualified have been evaluated by transportation professionals and researchers from all around the United States. Members of these groups evaluate equipment, materials, and snow fighting methods in real-world conditions. In support of safe winter traveling, these two groups are constantly working to identify “the most effective techniques and technologies to save agencies money, improve safety, and increase efficiency.” In our snow-fighting world, these two organizations provide an independent evaluation of the products that we are proud to sell.

The Qualified Product List

The Qualified Product List (QPL) is created by Clear Roads and PNS to review, test, and approve products used in the Pacific Northwest States. The QPL’s Mission is to “strive to serve the traveling public by evaluating and establishing specifications for products used in winter maintenance that emphasize safety, environmental preservation, infrastructure protection, cost-effectiveness, and performance.” Products on the QPL approved list are the top-performing and selling ones in the industry.

Our Products

Desert Mountain Corporation is proud to offer these Winter Products Clear Roads and PNS Qualified:

  • Category 1: Corrosion Inhibited Liquid Magnesium Chloride
    • MeltDown ApexTM
    • MeltDown InhibitedTM 
  • Category 4B: Corrosion Inhibited Solid Sodium Chloride – Modified Gradation
    • Ice Slicer RSTM 
  • Category 4C: Corrosion Inhibited Solid Sodium Chloride – Standard Gradation
  • Category 5: Corrosion Inhibited Sodium Chloride Plus 10% Magnesium Chloride (Solid)
    • Meltdown 10 TM 
  • Category 8B: Insoluble Material less than 10%, and Moisture less than 5.0%
    •  Ice Slicer RS TM
  • Category 8C-R: Fine Gradation, Road Salt, Insoluble Material less than 10% and Moisture less than 0.5%
    • Ice Slicer TM Near Zero
  • Experimental Category: Approved Liquid Corrosion Inhibited Products
  • Category A3 – Corrosion Inhibitor for Sodium Chloride (Minimum 15% NaCl)

If you would like more information on one of our winter roads products, please reach out to your area sales representative.

Desert Mountain is a proud partner of Redmond Minerals and EnviroTech Services.

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