Nationwide Road Salt Shortage Predicted


Nationwide Road Salt Shortage Predicted

A nationwide road salt shortage is predicted for the 2018-19 winter. Even as storms were winding down last winter, roads departments were running short on their supply of road salt across the United States. Combine that with the issues that two top road salt manufacturers have announced for this winter, traditional road salt supplies are going to be slim. The two largest salt producers encountered challenges in their production this past summer – via their workforce (a 12-week long strike this summer) and output – producing less than average salt. But you don’t have to worry about how to keep the roads under your watch safe – try Ice Slicer.

Ice Slicer is not like traditional road salt – and there’s no shortage of it.

How is Ice Slicer different?

  • An all-natural alternative to traditional road salt
  • 60+ trace minerals in Ice Slicer RS to help lower eutectic temperature
  • Natural reddish color shows where roads, streets, parking lots, and sidewalks have been treated
  • Brines 5 x faster and longer
  • Different gradations = longer effectiveness and stabilizing traction

Road Salt Shortage Ice Slicer Gradiations

Less product per lane mile equals savings across the board:

  • road salt shortageServicing 40-100% more lane miles/truckload than with white salt
  • Less fuel consumed per storm
  • Reduced vehicle/equipment wear & tear due to reduced treatment cycles
  • Longer service-life from vehicles, equipment, bridges, guardrails, etc., as fewer chlorides in the environment greatly minimize the effects of corrosion





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