Aggregate Plant Dust Control

Aggregate Plant Dust Control

Are You A Good Neighbor?

Aggregate plant dust control is a big concern for a busy, thriving aggregate facility. The plant is a beehive of activity from dawn to often way past dusk. All of that activity creates the products that you sell to your customers. But how is your relationship with your neighbors? Have dust complaints increased on windy days? Are you cringing in anticipation of the next breezy or very busy day?

Growth Spurts
New residential and business developments are springing up across the nation. Just take a drive down a street you haven’t been to in a while, you will see a new housing development or retail space going up. The explosive growth of the real estate market in for both large and small cities has been a boon to the aggregate industry. It has created more demand for the product but also presents real challenges for busy plants and yards. Even in industrial areas, there are companies that will file a report if trucks are driving on the access roads or around the yard and it creates dust.

Water – Not A Long Term Solution
Are you watering multiple times a day to keep the aggregate plant blowing dust to a minimum and prevent a visit from DEQ? It may be a good short-term solution but have you evaluated the long-term costs? Factor in the water bill, the driver time and the wear and tear on the equipment. It is costing more money than applying an eco-friendly, all natural dust control and soil stabilization product. When Desert Mountain Corporation applies one of our customized products to the roads and yards, it frees up driver time and equipment resources. And although many states have not faced water rationing yet, the situation that continues in California is a warning of what could come about. This Quick Reference Dust Control Guide from ADOT (Arizona Department of Transportation) has some great basic information along with Arizona regulations.

Benefits of an Eco-Friendly Aggregate Plant Dust Control Solution
Let Desert Mountain show you the ways that we can customize an aggregate plant dust control solution and make you a good neighbor again. Our dust control and soil stabilization products like Dura-LocRoadSaver, and Road-Loc will provide these important benefits and much more.

  • Meeting or exceeding PM-10 standards
  • Conserving water – constant watering no longer required
  • Improving public relations
  • Long-term cost savings – higher residual and reduced future application rates
  • Non-toxic ingredients – not harmful to humans, animals or plants
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Saves money on labor and equipment cost

Find your local sales representative here or call us at (877) 718-3878. We’d love to come out and show you the different solutions we provide to our customers.

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