6 Solutions for Dirt Road Dust Control

Solutions for dirt road dust control vary – by location, by road department treatment preference, by budget, and by traffic. A dirt road that is out in the middle of nowhere most likely will not get much dust control treatment. It will be maintained, but the dirt roads that are in the middle of metro areas, have high ADT (average daily traffic) or on the outskirts of areas that are air pollution sensitive will get a lot of attention, but not always the positive kind.

Here are 6 solutions for dirt road dust control. The solution selected will determine if the attention the road gets is positive or negative.

  1. Water Truck
    As a short-term or short road solution, just running a water truck may be the most economical option. If the dust needs to be controlled for a short amount of time for special event traffic or the area is too small to cost-effectively treat it with a dust control/road stabilization agent.
  2. RoadSaver®
    Our high purity grade magnesium chloride dust control solution will help stabilize dirt roads – affordably. RoadSaver® is a hygroscopic compound that attracts moisture from the air and resists evaporation. It holds fine dust and aggregate together to keep surfaces stable and dust-free.
  3. Road Loc®
    Made from lignin sulfonate and other proprietary ingredients, Road Loc® binds the fine particles found in aggregate and natural soils preventing them from breaking out and creating fugitive dust. Road Loc®, made with a naturally occurring organic polymer, fuses particles to larger aggregate and natural soils preventing movement which aids in road stabilization, soil stabilization, and dust control.
  4. DuraBlend®
    DuraBlend® is a bio-plant polymer enhanced magnesium chloride blend. It is an environmentally responsible answer to high-demand dust control and road stabilization. DuraBlend® keeps surfaces stable and dust-free while using only half the chloride of standard dust control products.
  5. Dura-LocTM
    Dura-LocTM combines lignin sulfonate, an organic material, and eco-friendly polymers for effective dust control, soil, and road stabilization solutions. It works with many types of soil, binding the fine particles found in aggregate and natural soils reducing breakouts. It is highly effective in dry, arid regions.
  6. DMC Blend
    DMC Blend is specifically formulated with our best-selling products – Road Loc®, RoadSaver®, and other proprietary solutions – customized to give it a superior binding capability by gluing road base particles of all sizes together.

These are just six of our dirt road dust control solutions. Contact your sales representative or call us at 877-718-3878 to find out about our other options.

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