3 Keys to a Successful Road Stabilization Project

3 Keys to a Successful Road Stabilization Project

Successful dirt road stabilization projects are all about knowledge, preparation, and timing. Dirt roads are stabilized to ensure the safety of residents and visitors as well as the longevity of the road itself. Neglecting any of these three steps will impact the immediate and long-term success of the project. Here are the 3 Keys to a Successful Road Stabilization Project.

  1. Knowledge
    The knowledge of your crew and our sales and operations teams working together will ensure a successful project. We pride ourselves on a “boots on the ground” approach. The sales team will come out to your job site and review your expectations and concerns with you. You’ll see us reach down and grab a handful of dirt to do a quick test on the moisture. If it is a larger, more intensive soil or road stabilization project, we will work with our lab to test core samples to get their recommendations. Then our experienced operations team will come out to apply the product.
  2. Preparation
    A road that has been properly prepared will be bladed to eliminate washboards and potholes. More aggregate may need to be added. It will be bladed with a crown and sufficient slope to ensure good runoff and ditches to manage when the storms are heavy, so the road doesn’t get washed out. It will be watered to just the right amount
    of moisture before our dust palliatives are applied to make sure it penetrates.
  3. Timing
    Timing is key. You don’t want to do it too early, or it won’t last through the heat of the summer. If it’s done too late in the season, you’ll suffer from blowing dust and crumbling roads. And applying dust control products in the rain is just a waste. The products will not penetrate and won’t last.

Desert Mountain sales representatives and operations team know what practices and products have been successful in their regions. Different products are more successful in different areas. What may work in Boise, Idaho may not work in Tucson, Arizona, or Durango, Colorado. The soils are different, the amount of moisture in the ground is different, and the climate is different.

Knowledge, preparation, and timing are the 3 keys to a successful road stabilization project. Talk to one of our experts to determine the best strategy and products for your unique situation. Find your sales rep here or call us at (877) 718-3878.

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