Arizona Utility Company Dust Control

Arizona Utility Company Dust Control

No more blowing dust at this Arizona utility company

Desert Mountain Corporation regularly applies our dust control products on the stockpiles, overburdens, and roads at this Eastern Arizona utility plant. Applying our environmentally friendly soil stabilization products ensures that this plant is keeping the environment safe for its employees, neighbors, and visitors to the area. The products used for this application were Dura-Loc 50 and Surface-Loc.

Arizona Utility Dust Control Products


Dura-Loc is a proprietary Lignin Organic Polymer blend of our most popular products. This special blend is very successful in Arizona and New Mexico’s dry, arid climate. It helps preserve the blading and other road work, preventing the road from getting rough and creating fugitive dust.


Surface-Loc is a high purity grade copolymer that is best utilized in non-trafficked areas where it is critical that a hard crust can be formed on the surface to lock down the fine particles. Surface-Loc can be used for dust control, erosion control, road stabilization and soil stabilization.

To learn more about Dura-Loc or Surface-Loc, contact the sales rep in your area.

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Arizona Utility Dust Control
Arizona Utility Company Dust Control

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