Mine Tailings Soil Stabilization – Video

Mine Tailings Soil Stabilization – Video

Mine Tailings Soil Stabilization – Equipment and Products for Successful Treatments

Mine tailings soil stabilization is just one of the many ways Desert Mountain Corporation ensures that mining operations in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, Utah, and Nevada reduce fugitive dust and maintain safe haul roads, vendor routes, parking lots and other unpaved areas. Our specialized equipment enables us to travel in areas of the mine that a regular truck can’t, where we successfully apply our soil stabilization products to prevent blowing dust.

One of the products that have been very successful for us is Surface-Loc. This high purity grade copolymer has been very effective in controlling fugitive dust on stockpiles, mine tailings, open lots and fields, and highway shoulders.

Mine Tailings Soil Stabilization
We provide mine tailings treatment solutions for successful dust control and soil stabilization. Ensuring that the tailings that are placed in storage by mining companies stay in place requires working with our customers to gauge the makeup of their tailings piles and ponds. Their experience and knowledge, and ours will help us determine the right time to apply our soil stabilization and dust control products.

With our specially-designed custom equipment, we provide our mining customers with products that perform – applied by our team of experts. Our application truck drivers have over 15 years of experience with our computerized application equipment.

Each mine, their environmental standards, requirements, and challenges are unique. Ask about the different solutions that have worked for our customers – we offer several options. Reach out to your regional Sales Representative today to learn more about the mine tailings soil stabilization and treatment solutions from Desert Mountain Corporation.

Contact us at (877) 718-3878 or your local sales representative.

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