When You Shouldn’t Apply Dust Control Solutions

When You Shouldn’t Apply Dust Control Solutions

To ensure a successful project, here are a few times – that are true stories – when you shouldn’t apply dust control solutions.

> On an unprepared road – When a road is worn down to no aggregate left, has numerous potholes, and enough washboards to slow down even the heaviest foot, a topical application alone is not going to make residents and visitors happy for very long. An appropriate amount of aggregate, blading, crowning and watering are key to building a good dirt road. Our customers enjoying successful projects have trusted our knowledge and expertise in our industry.

> On a bone-dry road – The customer insisted that the road and parking lot didn’t need to be pre-watered, their water truck was broken, they were just looking for an invoice to send to DEQ, etc. When we are asked to “just spray the road” it won’t be a job that makes anyone happy. Our team is experienced and will make sure that your project is successful – if the right preparation is done.

> During a forecasted four-day downpour – All of our products like RoadSaverRoad-Locdurablend, and Dura-Loc are water-based. While we do ask our customers to pre-water, that means a light coat of water to get the road to optimum moisture level so our products will be able to penetrate the topcoat of soil. Applying dust control in the pouring rain does not give it the time to cure and penetrate. It will just sit on top of the road, making it slick, and then run off into the ditch. Timing is key to a successful road stabilization job.

Desert Mountain has many customers that have building roads for decades. They know their roads and traffic better than we ever will. But they appreciate our industry knowledge and our wide variety of products. Contact your sales representative or call us today at (877) 718-3878 to see how Desert Mountain might be able to help you – when you should apply dust control products.

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